Once upon a time Julie was a former corporate sales dynamo who turned to scuba diving and underwater photography as an escape from a chaotic career.  Under a full moon in aquamarine blue waters of the Caribbean sea, she had a rare encounter with mating wild bottle nose dolphins that changed her life’s path forever. 


Julie felt like she had discovered the secret to heaven on earth and now dedicates her life to photographing the wild, sacred beauty of the animal Queendom.  She intends that her mesmerizing images communicate a sense of reverence and wonder.  She has ventured into the remotest regions on earth in her search of what she calls “the hunt for the glorious”.


Julie has swam with large rare marine mammals, been buzzed by a humpback whale underwater, was the first to swim with and film tropical killer whales, has been charged by a baby elephant, stared down by a Kalahari male lion, had false killer whales echo-locate off of her, has had a lioness walk within inches of her fingers, has eaten lunch under a Leopard sleeping in a tree, and was gently pushed by a silver-back mountain gorilla.  She has also been courted by a springbok, fed a giraffe mouth to mouth and has been surrounded by sharks in the open ocean, all with a camera in hand.


Julie is now an award-winning photographer who hopes that her images allow viewers to have a soul-soothing moment by basking in nature’s glory.  When she is not traveling, she empowers women to embrace their feminine financial intelligence and make investment decisions based on their values. She spends her free time rehabbing marine mammals, working with the large whale disentanglement teams, and uses her photographic skills to support conservation and philanthropic efforts. 


Julie’s video clips have been used in a Discovery Channel’s Shark Week episode, she has had multiple photos published in science and research books and is now publishing her own works and creating unique pieces of art.  Julie now leads custom soul-soothing wild life tours to remote destinations.